Research Papers


African Theology and Social Change: an Anthropological approach, Ian Ritchie (html)

African Hermeneutics: The Current State, Louis Krog (.pdf File, 426 KB)

The relationship between sin and evil in African Christian Theology, Xolani Sherlock-Lee Sakuba (.pdf File, 1.03 MB)

The Relevance of Pastoral Theology in Africa: With Reference to the South African Association of Pastoral Work, Ilze Neetling (.pdf File, 3.95 MB)

Gender, Race, Power and Religion: Women in the Methodist Church of Southern Africa in Post-apartheid Society, Uta Theilen (.pdf File, 1.32 MB)

Pragmatic theory applied to Christian mission in Africa: with special reference to Luo responses to ‘bad’ in Gem, Kenya, Jim Harries (.pdf File, 2.87 MB)

African traditional marriage and biblical patterns: the case of the Ashantis of Ghana, Stephen Adei (.pdf File, 5.2 MB)

Inculturation in African churches with particular reference to Zimbabwe, Anthony Amadi(.pdf File, 7.5 MB)

The missiological dimensions of African ecclesiology, Solomon Andriatsimialomananarivo (.pdf File, 4.1 MB)

Faith and Theology Discussed within the ambit of being Zambian and Presbytarian, Reuben Daka (.pdf File, 4.5 MB)