Papers of the Bible Translation Sessions

September 19-23 2005, University of Kwazulu- Natal, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa: Papers of the Bible translation sessions: Theme of Bible Translation sessions Biblical Interpretation and translation in Africa: an interdisciplinary dialogue

  • Theme 1: Interdisciplinary? Which academic disciplines concern Bible translation in Africa, and how?
  • Article Title: The Lack and weakness of African exegetes: Crisis in Biblical translation
    Author: Nsiku, E.K.

    Article Title: New Testament and African orality: Implications for exegesis and translation
    Author: Maxey, J.

    Article Title: World view theory and Bible translation
    Author: Van Steenbergen, G.J.

  • Theme 2: What are the outstanding problems and challenges that confront contemporary Bible interpretation and translation in Africa?
  • Article Title: ICT and Bible Translation: an example from Judges 9:7-21
    Author: Aroga Bessong. D.P.

    Article Title:Is it a case of a translator standing between Israel and Africa or a translator coming from Israel to Africa via Europe, or a misguided translation of the Bible?
    Author: Baloyi, E.

    Article Title: Challenges of Scripture use in a Sabaot translation project: towards a participatory approach in Bible translation
    Author: Chosefu, C.

    Article Title: The publication of children’s Bibles in indigenous South African languages: an investigation into the current state of affairs
    Author: Du Toit, J.S.

    Article Title: Towards a new curriculum for Bible translator training in Mozambique
    Author: Floor, S.J.

    Article Title: A constrastive analysis of two standard varieties of Sena
    Author: Funnell, B. J.

    Article Title: The challenge of acceptability of the translation by the target language community
    Author: Hill, M.

    Article Title: Big words and little ears– Bible translation and children in Africa
    Author: Malherbe, J. B

    Article Title: Language harmonization and orthography.A challenge to Bakgalagarhi lay translators of the Bible
    [Figure 1. | Table 1.] Author: Monaka, K. C.

    Article Title: The Translation of ruach or pneumas into African languages: A Figurative language theoretical approach
    Author: Moomo, D. O.

    Article Title: Translator’s notes: English and French helps for mother-tongue Bible translators
    Author: Patman, K.

    Article Title: Attempting a first translation of the Septuagint Psalms into Afrikaans – problems and challenges
    Author: Steyn, G.J.

  • Theme 3: How does Bible interpretation and translation concern the Church in Africa today?
  • Article Title: The language factor in African Christian mission: Bible Translation and Biblical interpretation in the Church in Africa today
    Author: Atta-Akosah, T.

    Article Title: The Muslim Bible translation in the context of today’s African Christianity – a dilemma for missions
    Author: Fabian, D.N.

    Article Title: The effect of key term choices on local theology
    Author: Hill, H.

    Article Title: Interpreter-mediated Bible readings from English into Manjaku in a Gambian church
    Author: Karlik, J.N.

    Article Title: Theology and ministry in Africa through Bible translation: “How firm a foundation?”
    Author: Wendland, E R.