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  • Byang Kato

  • A Bibliography Byang H. Kato

    A Bibliography Byang H. Kato’s Writings Chronological

    A Portrait Of Dr. Byang H. Kato

    Byang Kato: ambassador for Christ, biography of Dr Byang H. Kato

    How I won my son to Christ

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  • Conference Papers
  • Christianity as an African religion

    Christianity as an African religion 2

    Contexualization of the gospel

    Creating facilities for evangelical theological training in Africa

    Evangelization and culture

    Evangelisation and culture (Ife university) an address given by the Rev. Dr. Byang Kato, general secretary of the association of evangelicals in Africa and Madagascar (aeam) at the national congress on evangelisation at Ife university, Nigeria on August 23rd 1975.

    Lausanne congress on world evangelization (its call to scriptural obedience)

    Lusaka 1974 the all Africa conference of churches (a.a.c.c.) held their third central assembly Lusaka, Zambia, 11-24 may 1974

    Lusaka report

    Mission structure: Africa

    The needs and problems facing Christian education in Africa today

    The problem of theological Education in Africa

    The role of the Christian graduate in nation building

    Theological trends in Africa today

    Third world missions

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  • Booklets/Books
  • African cultural revolution and the Christian faith

    Theological pitfalls in Africa [awaiting permission]

    What the Bible teaches about the spirits

  • Research Papers
  • A critique of incipient universalism in tropical Africa: a thesis presented to the faculty of the department of systematic theology Dallas theological seminary in partialĀ fulfillment of the requirements for the degree Doctors of Theology

    Limitations of natural revelation: a thesis presented to the faculty of the department of systematic theology Dallas theological seminary in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree master of sacred theology

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  • Letters
  • Africa’s evangelicals and the W.C.C.

    An open letter to the Christian reader in today’s Africa

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  • Bibliographies
  • A Bibliography Byang H. Kato

    A Bibliography Byang H. Kato’s Writings Chronological

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  • Articles/Papers
  • A Critique Of Incipient Universalism In Tropical Africa

    Addinin Kirista

    Africa: facts that you should know or help train leaders for Africa

    Africa: prudence and promise: a candid survey of current opportunity and dangers facing evangelicals and missionary strategy in Africa

    Africa under the cross (l cor. 1:18-25)

    African perspectives

    Africas battle for Biblical Christianity

    Africa’s Christian future part ii (part i see the Christian surge in Africa)

    Aid to the national church when it helps, when it hinders

    An African perspective: Lausanne 74

    An evaluation of black theology

    Another look at moratorium

    Theological perspectives in Africa: no. 2: Biblical Christianity in Africa a collection of papers and addresses

    Black theology

    Black theology and African theology

    Black theology and African theology 2

    The brave new world (Jer. 8:11-22)

    Call for decision

    The challenge of evangelicalism in contemporary Africa

    Christian citizenship (Rom 13; 1-14)

    The Christian home (Genesis 1:26-28)

    The Christian leader and his family

    The Christian surge in Africa

    Christianity and culture

    Church growth workshops revolutionising evangelical churches

    The church in the closing years of the twentieth century

    Danger: men at work (the late Dr. Byang Kato sounds a warning to evangelicals)

    The devil’s baby

    Does the overseas church want missionaries?

    Ecumenical movement

    Ecumenical – evangelicals debate in Germany

    Evangelical cooperation in contemporary Africa

    Evangelical structures that should affect the church nationally and internationally

    Evangelism opportunities and obstacles in Africa

    Freedom in the Bible and as the ecumenicals see it today

    From juju to Jesus Christ

    “Give us men and material”

    Cultural contextualization and religious syncretism

    The gospel, cultural contextualization and religious syncretism notes on group discussion theology of evangelism study group i.c.o.w.e., Lausanne, Switzerland July 22-24, 1974

    How I won my son to Christ

    Jesus Christ frees

    The joy of Christian service

    L o y a l t y (Luke 19:11-27)

    Lift up your hearts

    Missionaries: should they go? Lets face the facts

    “Missionaries go home!”

    The national church: do they want us?

    The pilgrim’s reunion – Enugu, 1970

    The power of the Holy Spirit in the Christian

    Principles for joyful Christian service

    Promising future for the church in Chad

    The quest for theology in Africa

    Review of African traditional religion: a definition review

    Byang H. Kato, theological pitfalls in Africa

    The so-called ambassador of world peace

    Theological issues in Africa

    Theological issues in the contemporary debate on the theology of mission and evangelism

    The theology of eternal salvation

    Tips for guests in Africa

    Warning to evangelicals

    We are at a turning point in Africa’s church history

    The world council of churches Nairobi assembly and Africa

    World evangelical fellowship plans new strategy

    Written theology

    The youth in the African church

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  • Interviews
  • African perspectives

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  • Lectures
  • False cults (the Christian leaders conference, Ilorin, Nigeria May 9th-16th 1969)

    The historical fulcrum (lecture to students at Nairobi university, November 1975)

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