African Christianity: Past, Present and Future Conference Papers

Papers from the conference held March 6th – 7th, 1998 Wycliffe College, Toronto, Canada.*

The conference was organized by Rev. Grant LeMarquand, then director of extension studies at Wycliffe College. Conference papers are co-edited by Grant LeMarquand and Ian Ritchie.

  • Part 1: The Church and African Politics

The Rwandan Tragedy and Future Prospects.
Rev. Charles Deogratsias
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The Church and Politics in Kenya.
Rev. Dr. Timothy Njoya
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The Suffering Church in Sudan
Thomas P. Kedini.

  • Part 2: The Bible and African Christianity

The Crucial Role of Biblical Scholarship in the Development of African Christian Theology.*
Rev. Ernest Ezeogu

Acts 19: A Neglected Model of Mission in African Exegesis?*.
Rev. Grant LeMarquand

Response (to Rev. Ernest Ezeogu & Rev. Grant LeMarquand)
Dr. Marion Taylor
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  • Part 3: Movements in African Christianity

Bringing Order to Chaos: The Role of Typologies in the Study of African Christian Movements.
Ms. Stephanie Douglas
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The Practice of Victorious Life: Pentecostal Political Theology and Practice in Nigeria, 1970-1996.
Dr. Ogbu Kalu

(to Ms. Stephanie Douglas & Dr. Ogbu Kalu)
Rev. Dr. David Reed

The Messiah Whose Nose Knows, or Survivals of African Religion in Christianized Kenya: The Legio Maria as Case Study.
Dr. Ian Ritchie

The Influence of African Religion in Cuban Christianity.
Rev. Juan Quevedo Bosch
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(to Dr. Ian Ritchie & Rev. Juan Quevedo Bosch)
Rev. Dr. Carl Starkloff
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* PLEASE NOTE: This is an unedited version. Used with permission from the author.