African Traditional Religion

African Traditional Religion


Article Title: Points of Contrast between African Traditional Religion and Christianity
Author: Richard Chowning
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Article Title: Commonalities between Christianity and Africa Traditional Religion
Author: Richard Chownin
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Article Title: Inculturation of African Traditional Religious Values in Christianity: How Far?
Author: Aylward Shorter
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Article Title: Can Christianity Dialouge with African Traditional Religion
Author: Peter K. Sarpong
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Article Title: Proclamation and Dialogue with the African Traditional Religion
Part 1 | Part 2
Author: Cyprien Mbuka
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Article Title: Christians and Their Ancestors: A Dilemma of African Theology
Author: Jack Partain
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Article Title: African Traditional Religion
Author: Peter E Adotey Addo
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Article Title: Bringing African Culture into the Church
Author: Buti Tlhagale
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Article Title: Christian Witness to People of African Traditional Religions
Author: Tite Tienou
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Article Title: Africa Traditional Religious System as a Basis of Understanding Christian Spiritual Warfare
Author: Yusufu Turaki
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Article Title: African Pentecostals and the ancestors – confrontation or compromise
Author: Allan Anderson
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Article Title: Cherokee traditional religion and Christianity
Author: Frederick Hale
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Article Title: Christian responses to witchcraft and sorcery
Author: Stephen Hayes
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Article Title: Dialogue with African Traditional Religion(ATR): The Teaching of the Special Synod on Africa
Author: Emefie Ikenga-Metuh
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Article Title: The Roman Catholic Church and African Religions
Author: Ludovic Lado
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Article Title:Rites of Passage in Contemporary Africa: Interaction Between Christian and African Traditional Religions
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Article Title:Traditional Religion and Christianity in Southern Africa
Author: Ngonidzashe Munemo
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Article Title: Dialogue With African Traditional Religion
Author: Emefie Ikenga-Metuh
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Article Title: Jesus in the Morning, Voodoo in the Evening
Author: Thilo Thielke
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