Welcome to the Pan-African Theological and Pastoral Network

This site seeks to provide a forum for conversation and collaboration for African Christian scholars, clergy, religious and pastoral, health, and social justice workers who are interested in working towards a better future for the African continent. The site provides you with information about the research, publications and advocacy of these important African scholars and faith leaders in this network and their contacts. We are developing in this site a huge data base of research materials and resources on theology and religious studies, research and writings on faith and life, religion and social transformation, and topics on health, wealth, hope, politics, and social issues as seen through the research, reflection and praxis of these African Christian scholars. You can also sign up as a member to blog and contribute to the forum on faith and life in Africa. Welcome!!!


A data base, archive and resources and publications on theology in Africa, religious studies, and social issues to help you in your research on African theology, pastoral life, social ministries, biblical studies, mission studies and important themes and topics of general interest in African Christian studies.

Contributing Scholars

Meet the important scholars, church leaders and pastoral agents who are belong to this network. Read about their research, specializations, publications, advocacy, and interests and how you can contact them.