Michael L. Budde


Michael L. Budde is Professor of Catholic Studies and Political Science at DePaul University in Chicago (United States), where is he also Senior Research Scholar in the Center for World Catholicism and Intercultural Theology (CWCIT). His scholarship engages questions of ecclesiology, political economy and culture; his books explore matters of capitalism, nationalism, race, violence, and the Church. The latter include authored or edited titles including Scattered and Gathered: Catholics in Diaspora (2017); New World Pope: Pope Francis and the Future of the Church (2017); The Borders of Baptism: Identities, Allegiances, and the Church (2011); and The Two Churches: Catholicism and Capitalism in the World System (1992). He co-founded a network of Christian pastors, scholars and lay leaders aimed at deepening discipleship in contemporary contexts (The Ekklesia Project, www. ekklesiaproject.org); he is a member of Ss. Monica and Luke Catholic Church, a predominantly African-American Catholic parish in Gary, Indiana.

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