Annah Theresa Nyadombo


Dr. Sr. Annah Theresa Nyadombo HLMC

She is a Zimbabwean Carmelite Sister currently working at the Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops’ Conference (ZCBC) as National Education and Safeguarding Coordinator. She obtained her PhD from University of Dublin, Trinity College in Education and Social Sciences, Ireland. Her academic background also includes degrees in Theology, Canon Law, Business Administration, Counselling, International Relations and Leadership and Social Communications. She has wide experience in working with survivors of human trafficking, leadership, humanitarian work, justice and peace, research, policy development and implementation. In Zimbabwe she is well known for Policy development Education, Child Safeguarding and Protection as well as helping in the implementation process.

Abstract :
The terms ‘vulnerable’, ‘integrity’ and ‘best practices’ are going to be defined followed by a discussion on how serve the vulnerable in our midst with integrity. Some references are going to highlight the meaning of serving as related to some Biblical texts to build a better understanding on vulnerability. The term vulnerability has different meanings and different implications which vary across societies. While vulnerability can be derived from social, economic, political, environmental as well as religious factors the discussion shall refer to the Social Teachings of the Church and Encyclicals which and are generally associated with deprivation of health services, education and food among others. Furthermore, the paper shall highlight different Vulnerable groups: the elderly, men and women, people with disabilities, boys and girls and children under the age of 18 on how they can be empowered spiritually, materially, and live in a friendly environment where everyone cares for their welfare. The discussion will follow the three steps of the RAW MODEL: Recognize, Acknowledge and Welcome, Reciprocate, Affirmation and Well-being. The model aims at developing values to bring meaning to the life of the other thus, intrinsically moving out of self to bring worthiness in the life of the other. Some values to be discussed are value of love, care, integrity, compassion, respect, family, Ubuntu, dignity in order to give meaning to the topic. The See, Judge, Act process is going to be employed to ensure a holistic approach to the development of the person. The Sacraments are going to be highlighted on how they support the vulnerable bringing the concept of healing, unity, love and together sharing the same pain, empathizing. Finally, concluding with best practices, bringing evangelization to its true meaning, one Body of Christ where the mindset of the individuals, families, communities and society live new approaches to bring joy, hope and love to the vulnerable. The paper shall first focus on the mission TO be SENT and how we respond to bring greater change in the attitude and behaviour of everyone who is called to engage with the vulnerable at different levels in society especial in Africa.

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