About Us

This site is a forum for African Christian studies on theology, biblical studies, social ethics, social transformation, pastoral ministries, and social justice. It serves the African continent and the World Church as a data base for documenting some cutting-edge research and writings by African theologians and scholars of religion and social issues. It is also a forum for dialogue and for the cross-fertilization of ideas and praxis on how the Christian faith could become a catalyst for strengthening the agency of African Christians to make the Gospel of message of conversion, social transformation, love, peace and social justice real and concrete in the African continent, as well as in the wider world particularly as it affects people of African descent.

Many issues which are central today to African societies and churches will be documented and discussed here on this forum, namely: How can the Gospel message promote human and cosmic flourishing in Africa? How can African Christians meet the challenges of leadership in both church and state among other factors hampering human and cultural development in the continent? How can African Christian scholars harvest the present momentum of Christian expansion in Africa in order to bring about a faith which does justice? How can the Christian religion in Africa bring to birth convinced and converted Christians, who are led by the Spirit to bring about the reign of God in our troubling and exciting history in the continent? How can African Christian studies help to articulate clearly diverse narratives of being and agency in Africa so that Africa Christian religion can truly assume its own rightful place as a self-constituting movement which has an indispensable role to play in the shape of post-Western Christian movement today? How can the Gospel message as read by Africans and people of African descent confront the specter of racism and White supremacy in politics and sadly in some forms of Christian teaching, practices and traditions? 

This forum will serve as a base for asking tough questions and seeking new answers to some of the many issues which are also central to conceiving a better future for Africa, namely: restoring family values and renewing family life, addressing the problems of youth unemployment, immigration crisis, ecology, human rights, poverty, violence, and crimes; defending the rights of women, ethnic and religious minorities, addressing the failing healthcare systems in the continent, and the constant outbreak of infectious diseases; feeding the hungry in the continent through agricultural development, confronting cultural imperialism in Africa and the threats posed by social media; bridging the gulf between faith in life in many settings in the continent; and confronting false religious narratives and claims which distort the Gospel message and harm human and cosmic flourishing; and promoting a culture of peace and reconciliation, and promoting and celebrating diversity, ecumenism and inter-faith dialogue and partnership among others.

Contributors to this forum will comment on some of these issues by drawing from multiple frameworks, which include but is not limited to biblical, socio-cultural, theological, pastoral, missional, dogmatic, systematic, philosophical and historical sources. Emphasis will be placed on a commitment to history and narratives which are drawn directly from field studies. This commitment to history and people’s daily experience is often lacking in some theological writings which are very sophisticated, and rich in literature reviews as well as in theoretical and conceptual analysis, but often lacking a historical and practical framework.