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Cardinal Turkson’s Appointment; DRC Bishops ask Catholic priests with children to resign; listen to my conversation with Rose Kantiono, a Catholic single woman who is changing lives in Burkina Faso

In this episode, we discuss the appointment of Cardinal Turkson as the Chancellor of the Pontifical Academy of Science and the Pontifical Academy of the Social Sciences. We note that there are no African Cardinals currently heading any of the dicasteries and call for some African voices and presence in the Roman Curia. We commend the bishops of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) for their latest document, At the School of Jesus calling on Catholic priests with children to resign from the priesthood in order to take care of their children and the women who bore these children for them. We talk with Rose Kantiono, a Burkinabe humanitarian and teacher, who shares her joys and sorrows as a single woman and how her Catholic faith has helped her to overcome several challenges in life. She also shares with us some lessons on how the Catholic Church in Africa should address the challenges facing African families, young people, women, the political crises in many West African nations, and the discrimination that Africans display toward each other in the continent based on tribe, religion, and nationality.


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