La Conversion du Regard – Homélie pour le 5e dimanche de Carême

The texts of this Sunday invite us to have a new look on ourselves and on others. A different look, full of love, as Jesus did with the woman who was accused of adultery. The attitude of Jesus in the gospel teaches us about three points. Silence: this silence calls us to reflect before any condemnation or judgment Review: Jesus’ answer is an invitation to a deep review of our life to discover our sins, our mistakes, but also to become aware that we can all find ourselves in the same situation as the woman, which must lead to a change of view of ourselves and of the other. Welcome and Mercy: Jesus welcomes this woman without any condemnation and recommends her not to sin anymore. Here it is us that he welcomes while showing us the way to follow; that of a new vision, of a different look filled with Mercy. May GOD help us to get there. Good Sunday


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