The Burning Bush, Meeting God in Unlikely Places: Homily for the 3rd Sunday of Lent

The story of Moses’ encounter with God on a mountain plain in a dry and isolated wilderness is fitting for our Lenten journey. Lent invites us to come to the wilderness; to a holy ground where we can encounter God. It is in this unlikely place that God comes to meet Moses. Where will God meet you? None of us knows, but the tradition of Moses’ meeting with God in the burning bush points to something deeper: Where the one who is in a covenant with God is, God can be found. In other words, because we are in God’s heart and in God’s plan, where we stand is a holy ground not because of what we have merited but because of God’s mercy and goodness which surrounds us with God’s presence wherever we are. This was to be made manifest in the journey of the people of Israel in the cloud of light that led them by night. Also to be noticed is the relationship between God seeing the agony of God’s people and Moses in chapter seeing God’s glory in the burning bush and taking notice of it and wanting to contemplate this great site.


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