Let’s die to our sins

—-Echoes from the Desert—-

Shalom Blessed in Christ!

Jesus Christ is the One who smote sin and robbed iniquity of offspring, as Moses robbed the Egyptians of their offspring. He is the One who brought us out of slavery into freedom, out of darkness into light, out of death into life, out of tyranny into an eternal kingdom; who made us a new priesthood, a people chosen to be his own for ever. He is the Passover that is our salvation. Praise God!

The above touching words of Saint Melito of Sardis will help us in our deep meditations and prayers on what we celebrate today – the Good Friday. It is good because of Christ’s vicarious death that brought us Salvation!

*Jesus Christ Our Lord, died for us so that we may live. He Resurrected, so that we may have life eternal. Can we ever be unfaithful to that sacrifice and fail to declare Him alone as our Lord through our words and actions? Something to ponder upon on this special day!*

Brethren, on this Holy Day,
May His Light Guide Your Path
May His Love Grace Your Heart
And May His Sacrifice Strengthen
Your Soul! GOOD FRIDAY!!!

Stay healthy, stay safe and stay blessed

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