We are another Judas Iscariot

—-Echoes from the Desert—-

Shalom Blessed in Christ!

“One of the Twelve, the man called Judas Iscariot, went to the chief priests and said, ‘What are you prepared to give me if I hand him over to you?’ They paid him thirty silver pieces, and from that moment he looked for an opportunity to betray him.”

The above passage from the Gospel of today (Matthew 26:14-25) is an invitation and a challenge to all of us who constantly point accusing fingers at Judas Iscariot for his betrayal act. Yes, he did wrong but there is “A Judas Iscariot” in everyone of us.

*When I tell lies or gossip against my brother or sister, I am a Judas Iscariot.*
*When I allow the passion for material things to lead me astray, I am a Judas Iscariot.*
*When I reveal secret confined in me for the sake of what I stand to again, I am a Judas Iscariot.*
*When I am greedy and jealous, I am a Judas Iscariot.*
*When I fail to see the goodness of God in my life and his love leading me to glory, I am a Judas Iscariot.*
*And when I fail to humble myself and apologize for my wrongs, I am a Judas Iscariot.*

Dear Friends and Brethren, as we begin our Triduum tomorrow, let’s give to ourselves some moments of silence, moments of listening, moments of reflection and meditation, moments of prayer. The Lord would like to speak to “the Judas Iscariot” in us through the Events of these Triduum. Give Him a chance and enjoy his redemptive and transformative act. Praise God!

Do have a grace-filled and wonderstruct Holy Wednesday. Stay healthy, stay safe and stay blessed. We are united in prayers, Amen!

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