Be a Good Seed (15th Sunday of the Year)

The parable of the sower in today’s reading invites us to think of our work and mission in this life. The parable is a missionary parable because it is addressed to the followers of Jesus as both a warning and a promise— As a warning, the Lord says to us, “You will plant seeds, but not all of them will germinate, sprout and bear fruits, so be prepared, be patient, and do not give up, keep on planting good seeds.”

As a promise, the Lord says, “some of the seeds that you are planting will definitely bear fruits, make sure that you are planting good seeds.” So, let us concentrate this weekend on how we can be a good seed. You are one of the good seeds that the Lord is planting in this world, and that God wishes that you may bear fruit.

Every one of us is a good seed from Source. God created you as a good seed planted in the world. God wants this seed to grow. The seed of God which is planted in your heart through God’s Word and the life of God in you is like a divine investment. God wants that seed to bear fruit because God wants to reap maximum dividends through your life. This is why God is working on your behalf to make sure that God’s seed in you bears fruits

In this regard, St Peter writes: “Your new birth was not from any mortal seed but from the everlasting Word of the living and Eternal God.” I Peter 1: 23. God planted you as a seed of life in your mother’s womb.

God planted a seed of divine love in you from the beginning of your life. That seed is growing into a tree. That seed is a light from the divine source of light whose Son became one with us when he came down to earth to show us the origin, nature, and destiny of all human lives. We are not the source of this light; it is a gift. However, this light shines in us and through us. We are bearers of this light which reflects the beauty and the glory of God.

In many passages of scripture, the Lord tells us that ‘the seed’ is like a mustard seed which grows slowly into a large tree (Mark 4: 30-32); and that the kingdom of God is like scattered seed on the ground, which grows when the sower is sleeping (Mk 4. 26-29). We are also told in the scripture that God is the one who gives growth and fruitfulness to the seed.

We can go to sleep after sowing the seed because the life of the seed depends on God and not simply the result of our human effort. We need to give some credit to the resilience of the seed more than we have given to the quality of the soil in many interpretations of the parables of the seed.

The seed is your DNA which is meant to grow and develop into a beautiful life because it is a gift from God. This is the import of the message of St Paul (1 Cor 3: 7); “So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God who gives the growth.” We should not worry about success or failure when it comes to planting, rather we should continuously plant the seed which God has given to us ‘whether the time is favorable or unfavorable’ (2 Tim 4: 2) and trust that God will make the seed to grow.

The invitation is then to think of yourself as the seed of God, a seed of life, which is meant to fall on good soil. Depending on your station in life, think of yourself also as a sower with God. The Christian life is like that: sometimes we are like God’s seed, thrown in this wide world. The different grounds in which the seeds fell are different phases in our getting to know God and to bear fruit. Each of us will sometimes pass through the high ground, stony/ rocky ground, and thorny ground in our journey of faith and in our lives.

But all these are passing phases, the real transformative moment will come for the true Christian when the thorns have been removed, the hard soil made mellow, and the high-edgy grounds made low so that God can water the earth and make our hearts so fertile and ready for God.

On the other hand, there are times in our lives when we are sowing and we think that our seeds will not grow and we want to give up sowing. Here again, remember that God is the sower who is actually using you as an instrument to beautify this garden of God that is this earth.

Many will plant seeds which they will not nurture to grow; and some will eat from trees that they have not planted. We all as Christians are reaping the fruit of salvation from Christ the Tree of Life which we did not plant; God did! If you believe that the seed you carry in you is from God, then trust God that God will come down at God’s own time to water the ground for you so that God’s seed will grow in you.

Let us ask God always to overwhelm us with the beauty of divine love and consume us in the flames of divine glory so that we can realize in our daily lives how beautiful we are because we are alive. Let us ask God to strengthen every heart and every hand to plant seeds of love in the world. May you always see your life as a seed of love and light, reflecting the beauty of God to creation. I want to thank the Lord for the gift of Dr. Angela Mgbo, and the many seeds she planted in educating so many people in my homeland. Auntie Angie, you now belong wholly to God.


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